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Hello, I have just started playing string bass for my school's jazz band. I have played electric for a fair amount of time, and with help of friends and teachers made progress so quickly I could hardly believe it (learned "proper" slap technique in a few months, could lay down a pretty solid groove within weeks, felt comfortable with the fingerboard pretty much instantly). So, this year, I got into my school's jazz band, like I said, and my teacher had me talk to the orchestra teacher about making the transition to upright. It came fairly easy, and I enjoy playing it more than I ever enjoyed slapping away on an electric (which at the time I thought was the most incredible thing ever). Two years ago, in my freshman year, I gave consideration to majoring in music (probably teaching or performance) when I went to college, and now the possibility of studying upright makes it sound better and better as I think about.

I am going to start getting lessons, and my real question is, when should one consider getting their own bass? I will probably use it mostly for jazz, however, I can't say that for sure, because I have yet to fully explore classical music.

So, when should I consider getting one?
What should I look for?
How will intention of playing jazz/classical/bluegrass affect considerations?
Any information at all, really, I want to not rush into this and come out with a poor instrument.
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