I'm Not an Addict (tagyourit) wrote in classical_bass,
I'm Not an Addict


Hey Guys.I play bass in my jazz band at my college. I'm a music major and have just recently added the upright bass to my arsenal. I know enough to be able to play a few sets of jazz standards. Free-form jazz and such. I decided to start taking my upright from the "hobby" realm and add it to my "professional" realm along with my electric bass. It's very difficult to find a teacher where I live (stuart, Florida) but I have heard of a cellist, who is apparently an amazing teacher. He's pretty confident he can teach me the correct way to play the upright bass even though I am fairly skeptical. Anyway I've been looking at the different methods there are for the upright. I've noticed the Simandl method is by far the most popular. My question is: What does the Method 1 book consist of? I saw one page in the book and it seemed it was just etudes or random music notation. It does explain the shifting and positioning etc? If I were forced to take the upright on my own would I be able to follow the book myself? Or is it strictly a teachers aid kinda thing. Thanks a lot guys.


P.S. Anybody know much about William Lewis & Son basses from Chicago? i'm interested in learning more about my individual bass (ie: age, origin, original cost)
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