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Ah Hoy all!

I'm new to this here community.

Let's see. Back in fifth grade, I started to play the Violin (only because my father did when he was younger). By sixth grade, I had a full-size violin. We had one bass player in my sixth grade orchestra and an over abundancy of violins. I wanted so badly to switch to Bass, but I didn't practice violin so my teacher wouldn't let me. Come seventh grade, my teacher approached (by then I had an actual orchestra teacher, in 6th grade, I had had a band teacher) me and asked if I wanted to play bass. She taught me how to read the notes after that I was self-taught. By 8th grade, I was better than her juniors. I got into 9th grade and blew away all the MALE competiton. 10th grade came and I was voted best in my district. Now I'm a junior and I'm second best in the district, but thats because I taught the kid who's best. I'll best him yet. I'm not the only girl anymore. :) That's always nice.

But anywho, there's my history with bass. I refuse to play eletric anymore. It's jut not the same for me.

The names Amanda. I'm 16 and a one-of-a-kind bass player.

Thanks. I know. I'm awesome. XD
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