King of Indecisio...or should that be Mr. Waffles? (leatherotter) wrote in classical_bass,
King of Indecisio...or should that be Mr. Waffles?

Obligatory!! *heh*

So do I get to be the old fart of the group at 28? *heh*

Anywho, I'm a bassist and even have a degree in bass performance! (Woo!) Though had to put it down for a couple of years due to injuries. Been in the process of getting it all back together, though, and am planning to get back to grad school soon - maybe even next year if I can get the damned app done 'n shite.

I'm a mix of classical, rock, jazz, etc. though I tend to be drawn towards the more experimental - especially late 20th/21st century New Music (classical). Currently attempting to live and work (as often as possible) as a bassist in NYC though that's also up for grabs at the moment.

Anywho, I'm glad to see this community open up! Hope to see more stuff going on here.

P.S. If yer interested in that kinda thing, you can check out my new and developing performance artish kinda project - in_fin_i_ty.
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