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You Thump, You Slap, You Strum, But Can You Make It Classy? [entries|friends|calendar]
The Bass is Not Just for Rockin'

Oh, melodious noise...

Can You Handle It?

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Question: [September 12th, 2006]

Hello, I have just started playing string bass for my school's jazz band. I have played electric for a fair amount of time, and with help of friends and teachers made progress so quickly I could hardly believe it (learned "proper" slap technique in a few months, could lay down a pretty solid groove within weeks, felt comfortable with the fingerboard pretty much instantly). So, this year, I got into my school's jazz band, like I said, and my teacher had me talk to the orchestra teacher about making the transition to upright. It came fairly easy, and I enjoy playing it more than I ever enjoyed slapping away on an electric (which at the time I thought was the most incredible thing ever). Two years ago, in my freshman year, I gave consideration to majoring in music (probably teaching or performance) when I went to college, and now the possibility of studying upright makes it sound better and better as I think about.

I am going to start getting lessons, and my real question is, when should one consider getting their own bass? I will probably use it mostly for jazz, however, I can't say that for sure, because I have yet to fully explore classical music.

So, when should I consider getting one?
What should I look for?
How will intention of playing jazz/classical/bluegrass affect considerations?
Any information at all, really, I want to not rush into this and come out with a poor instrument.
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[July 29th, 2006]


*sigh* [May 25th, 2006]

Hey Guys.I play bass in my jazz band at my college. I'm a music major and have just recently added the upright bass to my arsenal. I know enough to be able to play a few sets of jazz standards. Free-form jazz and such. I decided to start taking my upright from the "hobby" realm and add it to my "professional" realm along with my electric bass. It's very difficult to find a teacher where I live (stuart, Florida) but I have heard of a cellist, who is apparently an amazing teacher. He's pretty confident he can teach me the correct way to play the upright bass even though I am fairly skeptical. Anyway I've been looking at the different methods there are for the upright. I've noticed the Simandl method is by far the most popular. My question is: What does the Method 1 book consist of? I saw one page in the book and it seemed it was just etudes or random music notation. It does explain the shifting and positioning etc? If I were forced to take the upright on my own would I be able to follow the book myself? Or is it strictly a teachers aid kinda thing. Thanks a lot guys.


P.S. Anybody know much about William Lewis & Son basses from Chicago? i'm interested in learning more about my individual bass (ie: age, origin, original cost)
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[February 4th, 2006]

[ mood | creative ]

Ah Hoy all!

I'm new to this here community.

Let's see. Back in fifth grade, I started to play the Violin (only because my father did when he was younger). By sixth grade, I had a full-size violin. We had one bass player in my sixth grade orchestra and an over abundancy of violins. I wanted so badly to switch to Bass, but I didn't practice violin so my teacher wouldn't let me. Come seventh grade, my teacher approached (by then I had an actual orchestra teacher, in 6th grade, I had had a band teacher) me and asked if I wanted to play bass. She taught me how to read the notes after that I was self-taught. By 8th grade, I was better than her juniors. I got into 9th grade and blew away all the MALE competiton. 10th grade came and I was voted best in my district. Now I'm a junior and I'm second best in the district, but thats because I taught the kid who's best. I'll best him yet. I'm not the only girl anymore. :) That's always nice.

But anywho, there's my history with bass. I refuse to play eletric anymore. It's jut not the same for me.

The names Amanda. I'm 16 and a one-of-a-kind bass player.

Thanks. I know. I'm awesome. XD

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[January 13th, 2006]

[ mood | creative ]


I'm Nina and I'm sixteen. I started playing electric bass at the beggining of last year and then started upright at the end of last year. I play upright in both orchestra and symphonic band. Also in plays for school. umm. i started off playing violin in kindergarten and I still play that sometimes in orchestra. I just like bass a lot better. I really love Pink Floyd because of they're bass heavy songs. In orchestra I use a German bow but it's a little tough because I'm used to the bow hold of a violin. haha. I can't play bass while wearing shoes. It's weird. I always take my shoes off, even for a performance, but I'm always in the back so no one notices and I don't get in trouble. Our school's music program is really terrible, but we only have one bass player so our bass is good. haha. I lucked out. Yeah sorry. This was a pointless amount of information. Haha.

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Hey [August 18th, 2005]

Hey I've been playing String Bass for oh going on seven years. And about four years ago I picked up an electric. I love the bass I can't think of a better instrument. This fall I'll be attending The Crane School of Music majoring in Music Education. Besides the bass I've branched out to Cello, Viola, and Violin. On top of that I played tuba for a number of years but I won't discuss that here.
I currently work on a technique with a mix of Samandle(sp?) and Rabath. I've fooled around with a German bow but can't make it work for me so I'm a French player. I've played in string and full orchestras along with Jazz bands rock bands and string quartets.
And I think that's all for me now.
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Baaass [April 13th, 2005]

I'm Bella, I live in Wellington, New Zealand.
I've been playing bass for around 6 years now, and I love it. I'm studying at University, I hope to become a professional classical musician.
My bass's name is Monty...... anyone else out there have a habit of naming their instruments??

It's good to see a community dedicated to us bassy folk - we are often unfairly overlooked, I feel.

Smiles all round!
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[March 12th, 2005]

Hi my name is Helen and I've been playing upright bass for about six years. I play in a local community orchestra which is mainly made up of local orchestra directors and teachers. I listen to a lot of classical music, country, and post punk/indie/alternative as well as everything else. I'm really interested in starting a folk punk band with assorted string instruments.
Rabbath was in my town last month and I completely missed his performance. It was heartbreaking.
Just wanted to say hi. I don't know many other upright bass players and I thought it would be nice to be part of this community.
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[March 3rd, 2005]
Hey. Im new here. Ive been playing upright and electric for about 5 years now. Ive got a band, Coeptus(were a funk/metal band), and play in the orchestra. I love all kinds of music and enjoy playing anything.

Im interested in jazz, and slapping on the upright at the moment. if anyone has any websites or tips, id be greatful.

ill try to help out w/ what i can and give my input.


Hey. [February 12th, 2005]
I'm new here.

I've been playing the electric bass for two years now and I have just recently become interested in picking up an upright. Of course, as any other concerned shopper who doesn't know what he is supposed to get the first time he buys something, I have a few questions here and there but only one for now.

Can somebody tell me what the difference between 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 upright basses are? I'd assume it's all just to match how tall you are to the appropriate size. I'm 6'3. Can somebody advise me on what size would most easily suit me? Thanks.

( 6 ) Classical?

[January 27th, 2005]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hi. my name is frederic and i've been playing acoustic bass for about 9 years now. it's the most complex instrument of the string family i think. but i also play piano and i compose experimental chamber music for solo instruments and small groups. nice comm. here. but now my main focus is composition but i'll always remain a bass player,as we all should.

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[November 27th, 2004]

To anyone here who plays upright- What kind of strings do you use?

And I'm not looking for respones like "Catgut", "Steel", or "Roundwound!". I'm wondering about brands and types.

I play Thomastik Dominants which fucking rock.

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[November 23rd, 2004]

Is anyone going to Gerald Veasley's Bass Bootcamp in March?

Veasley, Gary Willis, Doug Wimbish, and Bakithi Kumalo teaching, as the Berks Jazz Fest is going on right down the street...sweeeeet.


X-posted all over

Obligatory!! *heh* [November 20th, 2004]

So do I get to be the old fart of the group at 28? *heh*

Anywho, I'm a bassist and even have a degree in bass performance! (Woo!) Though had to put it down for a couple of years due to injuries. Been in the process of getting it all back together, though, and am planning to get back to grad school soon - maybe even next year if I can get the damned app done 'n shite.

I'm a mix of classical, rock, jazz, etc. though I tend to be drawn towards the more experimental - especially late 20th/21st century New Music (classical). Currently attempting to live and work (as often as possible) as a bassist in NYC though that's also up for grabs at the moment.

Anywho, I'm glad to see this community open up! Hope to see more stuff going on here.

P.S. If yer interested in that kinda thing, you can check out my new and developing performance artish kinda project - in_fin_i_ty.
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[November 14th, 2004]

A giant welcome to your new co-mod: whiteriotblitz. ♥
-Your Mod
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[November 13th, 2004]

I'm pleased that people are joining and that people are posting. This is going to be a great community dedicated to such beautiful string instruments. If anyone has any pictures that they think should be used in the layout, I would appreciate if you would email them to me at advil.and.coffee@gmail.com. Also, email me if you're interested in a moderator position, as I'm looking for one or two co-mods. Does anyone in the community have any recordings of themselves up on the internet that they'd like to post? I'd love to hear them - as I'm sure everyone else would! Any hints&tips for playing any kind of bass? Post those too!
Opinions, favorite players, questions, tips, pics, music... anything you deem appropriate most probably is. Postpostpost! =D
-Your Mod.

[November 12th, 2004]

Hey, I'm Spencer. I'm 16 years old, and I've been playing upright for going on 3 years, and electric for around 5. I have an old Kay Swingline given to me by a guy named Linc Milliman, who useda play with Maynard Ferguson and Zoot Sims, and now plays with Jack Maheu and a bunch of others. I've never been a big Kay fan, but this bass was in a closet next to a heater for somewhere around 35 years, and it aged it to the point that it resonates like a motherfucker and has some wonderful tone to it.

I play mostly funk, jazz, reggae, and classic rock. I'm on kind of a Bill Evans/Scott Lafaro kick right now...anyone a fan? Lately Lately, I've also been really into Kevin Eubanks, Prince, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Bad Plus, and Taj Mahal.

What kind of strings do you guys play? I love my Thomastik Dominants, and I'd recommend them with total confidence to anyone who needs new strings. They're like playing butter.


[November 11th, 2004]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey I'm Chelsea. I'm 15. I've been playing upright bass for hmmm 6 years I believe. I started playing because my grandpa was a bass player but he got in an accident and had to have some fingers cut off. I wanted to carry on for him. My grandpa and I built my first upright out of two broken basses we bought at an auction. I love it so much. Two years ago I bought a Czech carved bass with almost every scent I've ever saved since I was 9, but I still kept my first bass because it has great tone.

I mostly listen to punk/'77/crust/street/oi!/'82, rockabilly, psychobilly, and 1st and 2nd wave ska. and music of that sort, but I am trained to play jazz and classical on double bass. I play double bass and piano in a jazz band, double bass in a rockabilly band, and electric bass in a few bands with my friends.

I think that the bass is extremely under-rated. Jerks!


The Bass. [November 11th, 2004]

[ mood | The Bass. ]

Whether you play stand up, electric, accoustic, cello... this is the place for you.
We're here to show that the bass doesn't have to only be a part of heavy hitting rock groups,
And that heavy hitting rock groups aren't the only place in which the bass sounds good.
Who's with me?

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