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I'm Nina and I'm sixteen. I started playing electric bass at the beggining of last year and then started upright at the end of last year. I play upright in both orchestra and symphonic band. Also in plays for school. umm. i started off playing violin in kindergarten and I still play that sometimes in orchestra. I just like bass a lot better. I really love Pink Floyd because of they're bass heavy songs. In orchestra I use a German bow but it's a little tough because I'm used to the bow hold of a violin. haha. I can't play bass while wearing shoes. It's weird. I always take my shoes off, even for a performance, but I'm always in the back so no one notices and I don't get in trouble. Our school's music program is really terrible, but we only have one bass player so our bass is good. haha. I lucked out. Yeah sorry. This was a pointless amount of information. Haha.
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