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I'm new here.

I've been playing the electric bass for two years now and I have just recently become interested in picking up an upright. Of course, as any other concerned shopper who doesn't know what he is supposed to get the first time he buys something, I have a few questions here and there but only one for now.

Can somebody tell me what the difference between 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 upright basses are? I'd assume it's all just to match how tall you are to the appropriate size. I'm 6'3. Can somebody advise me on what size would most easily suit me? Thanks.

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Hmm not necessarily height, because you can adjust the endpin to your height. Usually elementary school kids use 1/2 size just because they're just small in general. Most people I've seen use 3/4 size. That is what I have and I'm about 5'8", yet if you're 6'3" you could just extend the endpin to your height. It's pretty standard as far as I know. You should definitely look into trying a few out before you do decide to purchase though because you've probably figured it out, but it's quite an investment and you're going to want an upright that really suits you.
I use 3/4 size, as does almost every other bass player I've ever met. If you wish, maybe a 7/8 bass MIGHT be okay if you find a 3/4 bass to be insufficient height-wise, but I've seriously never met somebody who uses a full 4/4 size upright.

Don't buy online. Get an upright whose tone you like. Shop around.

The most important part is that your eyes should be level with you hand in first position. Other then that, just go for whats more comfortable. Most people use 3/4.
just like everyone else said, 3/4 is pretty standard.

i've only met one person who plays on a 4/4, and he's 6'9 and has the biggest hands i've ever seen.
if you are 6'3 you'd almost definitly be on a 4/4 bass. i've only played bass for about 2 years but cello for 6. hope you have a good time on upright, they're great fun! oh, fyi, i found ur name through the interests things... just so you wouldn't think i was a freaky stalker or something 8-)
you could easily play a full-size bass, but nobody except players in symphony orchestras play 4/4s anymore. go for a 3/4. 1/2 ad 1/4 size basses are for youth players and VERY small people.